Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal, Pleasures and Sex Between Men

Who can take part in the research?

We are seeking gay and bisexual men who are 18 years or older and who have used crystal methamphetamine in the past 12 months. We are particularly interested in talking to men who have used crystal while having sex. Men who are HIV or hepatitis C positive or negative may participate, as can trans-men. You must reside in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide.

Who is conducting this research?

The study is being carried out by the following researchers: Professor Carla Treloar, Associate Professor Martin Holt, Dr Toby Lea, Dr Kerryn Drysdale, Dr Max Hopwood, Dr Joanne Bryant, Professor Peter Aggleton from the Centre for Social Research in Health UNSW Sydney; Professor Gary Dowsett, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, LaTrobe University, Mr Brent Mackie, ACON, Mr Colin Batrouney, VAC, Dr Helen Calabretto, SAMESH.

What does participation in this research require, and are there any risks involved?

If you decide to take part in the research study, you will be asked to participate in a face-to-face, one-on-one, conversational-style interview with a researcher, or a telephone interview. You will be asked questions about your use of crystal and your sexual experiences, including how these help you to socialise. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Some questions are personal and explicit, but you do not have to answer any questions that make you uncomfortable.

To ensure we collect responses accurately, we seek your permission to digitally record the interview using an audio-recorder.

We don’t intend the questions to cause any harm or discomfort. However, if you experience feelings of distress as a result of participation in this study you can let the research team know and they will provide you with the contact details of gay-friendly support services in your area.

What are the possible benefits to participation?

We hope that the information we get from this study will contribute to new harm reduction education and approaches for gay and bisexual men who use crystal. Also, we will offer you $40 reimbursement for your time and travel expenses related to participating.

What will happen to information about me?

By signing the consent form you consent to the research team collecting and using information about you for the research study. Your interview recording will be transcribed (in the form of a Word document) by a professional transcriber working under a confidentiality agreement. Then the transcript will be de-identified (i.e., removing names and other information that could potentially identify you). The de-identified transcript will be kept for 7 years after the project’s completion at UNSW on a password-protected secure server.

Your information will only be used for data analyses relating to this research project. Any publications and presentations resulting from the project will not identify you or any other participant, and a pseudonym will be used for any quotes that are used.

How and when will I find out what the results of the research study are?

The research team intend to report the results of the research study as community magazine articles, academic journal articles, and community and academic presentations.

You can keep updated about the study results on this website.

What if I want to withdraw from the research study?

If you do consent to participate, you may withdraw at any time.

You can do so by completing the ‘Withdrawal of Consent Form’ which is provided at the end of this document. Alternatively you can phone the research team and tell them you no longer want to participate. Your decision not to participate or to withdraw from the study will not affect your relationship with UNSW Sydney, LaTrobe University, ACON, VAC, SAMESH or WAAC.

If you decide to leave the research study, the researchers will destroy any information about you that was collected during your participation in the study.

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