About the study

Crystal, Pleasures and Sex Between Men

About the study

A research study interviewing gay and bisexual men about their crystal methamphetamine use, including the way crystal is used for sex and socialising.

Researchers from UNSW Sydney, La Trobe University, ACON, Thorne Harbour Health (THH), SA Mobilisation and Empowerment for Sexual Health (SAMESH) and the Western Australian AIDS Council (WAAC) are conducting a study about crystal methamphetamine use (known also as crystal, meth, Tina, ice) among gay and bisexual men. We are particularly interested in talking to men who use crystal for sex.

We are interested in how using crystal during sex can be enjoyable and help with socialising, but also how it can be harmful; and we are interested in documenting the ways men manage these harms and protect themselves.

The specific aims of the research are:

To examine gay and bisexual men’s patterns of crystal use, and sex practices
To document how men protect themselves in situations of crystal use and sex
To investigate how crystal use and sex contribute to social relationships and identities

We hope this research can improve our understanding about how gay and bisexual men experience crystal, especially in relation to sex, and how services can better meet their needs. We aim to identify feasible and acceptable harm reduction strategies, including HIV and hepatitis C prevention strategies, for gay and bisexual men who use crystal in sexual contexts.



The study is a partnership between the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW Sydney, the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University, ACON, THH, SAMESH and WAAC.